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Search Box Optimization

Get your business seen by potential customers by having the top search engines recommend it.

Big Results on Google & Bing

Are you looking to make sure your company stands out from the competition? Search Box Optimization (SBO) or Autocomplete-Optimization can help you be the first company your customers see, even before they have a chance to look for your competition. SBO ensures that when customers enter terms into a search engine, your company is the first “suggested term” that appears.


Why work with Us?

Our online marketing and search optimization services were designed with all businesses in mind. Whether you are a low budget start-up or an established business, we provide services to help you improve your online visibility. What makes us unique is our real-time reporting system, which provides you with up-to-the-minute reporting on every dollar spent on your account. 



Our technology streamlines the workflow process and produces efficiencies and transparency that our competitors cannot match. These efficiencies significantly reduce the time our specialists need to perform a task, which lets us to do more for you – much more quickly, and for less.

A voice for Small Businesses

Making your company the first one customers see is a great way to get an edge over the competition and make sure your company stands out. Search Box Optimization is the perfect solution to make sure your company is the first one your customers come across when they search for related items. Try it today and start building your online presence right away.

Google says that about 71% of the searches use the auto-complete.  That’s where you will be.


Thinking outside the box

One way to ensure that your business is constantly visible to potential customers is to be included in the auto-complete options for search engines such as Google and Bing. With this feature, your business is always at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). This means that customers will see your business before they see anyone else's, thus increasing your chances of being seen and clicked on.

Keys to Success

If you're the only company that appears in the auto-complete when your customers are searching, you have a major advantage over your competition. As soon as they select your company, they're already bypassing other potential options and you can take ownership of the entire first page. This gives you the opportunity to capture their attention and showcase everything that makes your business unique. Not only can you make a good first impression, but you also have the chance to make a lasting one. It's an invaluable opportunity that has the potential to drive conversions and increase your visibility.

Competitive Edge

The importance of choosing the right keyword phrase for your business cannot be overstated. It is the doorway to success for many companies, so ensuring that you do your research and select the most relevant keyword phrase for your business is essential. The more specific the keyword phrase is to your business, the more likely it is that people who type in that phrase are actually looking for what you have to offer.


When you purchase a keyword phrase from us, you can rest assured that you'll be the only company listed for that particular phrase. With a unique keyword phrase, you can stand out from the competition and draw more attention to your business.


Act fast because if a keyword phrase is taken by your competition, it's gone.

We all want to ensure that our websites are seen by our target customers. To do so, it is important to select the best keyword phrases that your customers are likely to use when they search for you online. This way, when customers type those phrases into search engines, like Google and Bing, they will be directed to your website.


Then, you can save money on your pay-per-click campaigns, as customers will be finding you directly. By investing in the right keyword phrases, you can also increase your online authority, as customers will be actively searching for you.


Hurry though, as if your competitors select the same phrases, you will miss out on the chance to benefit from them. So, act fast and be sure to pick the best keyword phrases for your business to maximize your online visibility!

How we do it?

Do you ever feel like you’re in the dark about which keyword phrases to use for your business? You are not alone! It can be hard to know which words will bring in the most customers. That’s why our team of experts is here to help.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you find the best keywords for your business.

When you submit your order for Search Box Optimization, our team will review the keyword phrases you provided. We’ll reach out to you if we find any phrases you should consider. Plus, we’ll do keyword research based on the info you provided!

Grow your customer base without breaking the bank

Be the first company your customers see when searching for your product or service. Get ahead of your competition and gain new customers. With our affordable programs, you can be in front of every customer searching for you in Google and Bing. Don’t miss this unique marketing opportunity!

On the first page of search results

We work to make the entire first page of search results show only your company.  Exclusive exposure!

Simple Process

The process is easy.  Choose the keywords phrases that bring you customers, and we take care of the rest.

Cost Effective
Save money while gaining an advantage over your rivals – it’s now possible!


Local and national

We have marketing programs for local and national companies.

NATional Marketing Program

If you are a company with offices nationwide, or who sells your services to potential clients on a national level, we can help put you in front of thousands of potential customers every month with our national Search Box Optimization marketing program. Let us custom design a marketing program with you, to drive in new business.

Local Marketing Program

If you are a local company ready to put yourself in front or your competition, we can help you with our local Search Box Optimization program. Get yourself in front of the people looking for your specific areas of practice, at the moment they are searching. Let us help you implement a program to capture the best keyword phrases that your customers use to find your local business.

Search Box Optimization Gets Results

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, forget about having to SEO yourself to the top of page 1 and paying for each customer click. You can now bypass the competition and dominate organic search results without using pay-per-click campaigns.



SBO stands for Search Box Optimization. This technique allows your company name to be in front of your customers in every search. Your prospects feel like Google and Bing are recommending your business. For our Walmart case study, please watch this video here.

To get you into the auto-complete, we must build authority for the keyword phrase. The length of time needed can depend on how competitive the phrase is, but you should see it in Bing within 30-40 days, and Google 90+ days.

Yes, it does. Your business can appear in every organic listing on the first page of Google and Bing.  Autocomplete-Optimization will also enhance your overall online presence and authority for each search engine. Autocomplete-Optimization will give your business consistency in results and monthly costs. 

Did you know that over 7 out of 10 users engage with Google’s auto-complete feature? Not only that, but 91% of users view the suggested terms. When your product or service is suggested in the auto-complete, it boosts customer confidence in your brand. Of, course, when the user clicks on your business in the auto-complete, every organic listing will display your business, not your competition.  

Indeed! Consumers use search engines like Bing and Google because they have a need or a want.  When they begin their search they are a prospect.  When they click onto a listing for your business, they become a qualified lead.

We bring you leads from Yelp, BBB, YouTube, blogs, press releases, aggregate sites like YP.com, DexKnows, Merchant Circle and others.  Autocomplete-Optimization brings all of this content to the first page of Bing, Google (and soon Yahoo) as well as your website pages too.

Yes, we will produce regular reports to show you the additional traffic we drive to your business, no matter the source. 

Would you like to be seen ten times on the first page of a search engine or just once? SBO can make it happen for your business, giving you more presence and exposure online, more spots on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, more click-throughs, and, ultimately, more revenue.
No, we don’t. Google looks to what is trending to influence what appears in auto-complete. Our process follows social influence to gain authority and build awareness, all while adhering to Google’s algorithm standards. We tailor our work specifically to get Google to start auto-suggesting your company. It’s a form of SEO, but focused on driving indicators that Google uses to populate its auto-complete. It’s all about social media trending!

Once a keyword phrase is sold, it’s off the market. Test if the phrase you want is still available by searching it on Google or Bing. If a company name appears in the auto-complete box, it’s taken. If not, it’s likely still up for grabs. There may be times when the keyword phrase has been purchased, but not yet appearing in the auto-complete. Feel free to contact us today to get started on your business evolution.

We provide keyword phrases for both local and national businesses. For local key phrases, we’ll add a location designation, like “garage door repair Los Angeles”. National phrases don’t include a location, like simply “garage door repair”. Get in touch to learn more.

Purchase a national keyword phrase to assist customers across the country. Great for franchise businesses, but local keywords can drive customers to a local business. 

National keyword phrases get thousands and even ten’s of thousands of searches per month. Searching for “home loans” and related terms can get a national mortgage bank thousands or even tens of thousands of inquiries per month. To make sure they can service customers from all states, they may want to invest in these competitive keyword phrases.


The cost of keyword phrases is determined by how competitive they are. As the effort required to achieve a national keyword phrase varies, we price each one individually.

Start now and own the keywords customers use to search for you.

Exclusive Support
Keep an eye out – we’ll provide regular updates on your campaign’s performance. Whenever a keyword appears in Google or Bing, you’ll get a notification so you’re always ready for new business!

Simple Process

We make it simple for you.  Just let us know which keyword phrases people use the most to find you online, and we will put your company in front of all those customers.